RYIA Numatics products are becoming the preferred solutions for biotechnology and pharmaceutical plants worldwide.

RYIA Numatics solutions are ideal for critical life sciences applications such as fermentation, water treatment, trituration, and levitation. Plus they're vital components in compound separation processes such as decantation, collation, filtration, centrifugation, and precipitation.

We also fit the way your process line works. Our products occupy the smallest possible footprint. They provide the lowest available cost of ownership. And to assist with validation, we keep meticulous records and adhere to industry-standard cGMPs.



RYIA Numatics Fluid Automation Solutions for Life Sciences Interactive

Numatics Valve Manifolds for Life Sciences Numatics Valve Manifolds
Many of today's pneumatic technology standards were industry firsts from Numatics. The innovations continue with our highflow, embedded fieldbus and I/O valve manifold products. An Integrated LED display allows for easy configuration and diagnostics, and our optional Auto Recovery Module (ARM) saves and reloads all configuration data to insure fast change-out. We offer the industries' widest variety of protocols, including DeviceNet™, Profibus® - DP, and now FOUNDATION Fieldbus™. Use Numatics Valve Manifolds for clusters of rotary and sanitary process valves throughout your installation.
RYIA Linear Indicators RYIA Linear Indicators 
These indicators are used on sanitary diaphragm valves to designate whether they are open or closed. We offer one enclosure for all sanitary valve sizes, with our without a built-in solenoid. They are available in DeviceNet and AS-interface® protocols.
Numatics FRLs Life Sciences  Numatics FRLs 
These filters and regulators, treat air quality and pressure in your plant's pneumatic system. Apply them to control pressure or meet filtration requirements for your pneumatic equipment. These high-performance products are available in multiple configurations, including electronic regulators.
RYIA Pilot Valves for Life Sciences Applications RYIA Pilot Valves
Our robust pilots are designed to meet the stringent demands of life science applications. Direct mount or piped configurations can be coupled with spring-return and double-acting actuators for use throughout your process. Plus new 0.55 W models are perfect for networks with low power limitations.
RYIA Solenoid Valves for Life Sciences Applications  RYIA Solenoid Valves
RYIA offers the widest range of solenoid valves available. They are ideal for any air and
liquid flow control requirements.

RYIA Valve Actuated Globe Valve Assembly for Life Sciences RYIA Actuated Globe Valve Assemblies Valves
RYIA's 2-way piston operated process valve assembly with HS Series position indicator, and
integrated pilot valve. A cost effective alternative to an actuated ball valve assembly, this linear
on/off valve is your stand alone solution that can be used in a variety of applications.

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